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Gallery Editions

Gallery Editions Background

Fine art and antiquarian prints made with the very old methods such as copper plate or steel plate engravings and etchings, genuine stone lithography, and hand coloring have become difficult to locate and expensive to acquire. Since the original buyers of this art were the educated, wealthy nobility, great attention was given to its detail and quality. They are prized for their unique style of beauty and their amazing history.

In modern times, the explosion of very inexpensive four-color offset printing press methods and cheap labor in foreign markets created a whirlpool of replicated images and cheap art prints, often with little regard to the quality of the finished product. Individuals seeking unique high quality art products have been driven to hand made “one of a kind” artwork such as original oil or watercolor, genuine antiques, or hand pulled lithographs and serigraphs. Many buyers who would prefer to pursue such quality art simply cannot afford the expense.

Within the last decade, the digital era of computers and superb quality printing devices has ushered in a revolutionary age for art production and print creation while elevating the product quality to an exceptional level in detail and color. This major advancement in print production technology is the first in more than 100 years. Art created with this means is made in small batches and much human attention is paid to the color and detail of the finished product.

Now, the rare and gorgeous old prints that have miraculously survived the centuries can be re-created in a fashion befitting their heritage, and, original art in other mediums can be reproduced economically while maintaining a very high degree of excellence and value. Prices for such reproductions are higher than foreign or mass-produced prints, but the discriminating customer with an eye for high quality can easily see and feel the difference between the two; the quality speaks for itself.

Beaux Arts is proud to offer Gallery Edition reproduction prints of the very best antique prints in our 25,000 piece collection as well as art produced on commission. Fresh images that may have been locked away for centuries can now be enjoyed as the art they were originally intended to be.

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