Antique Cities of the World Map Reproductions

Alexandria Antwerp Constantinople

Cordoba Jerusalem London

Moscow Lyon Paris

Seville Venice

Reproductions of hand-colored copper plate engraved maps with original color. Original size: 13 inches X 19 inches.

The fascinating city view maps by the famous Braun & Hogenberg were engraved in Amsterdam and originally appeared in Civitates Orbis Terrarum, the first complete set of of birds eye "town views" assembled into a 6 volume atlas. This monumental work was completed over 45 years between 1572 and 1617. The famous cartographer Abraham Ortelius supplied much of the material, which was then engraved by Novellus and Hogenburg. George Braun wrote the text.

Accurater Grundris und Prospect der Weltberuhmten Hollandischen Haupt und Handels-Stadt Amsterdam. Homann, Johann Baptiste, Nuremberg, 1727.

A reproduction of a hand colored copper plate engraving. Original size: 20 inches X 23 inches.

This extremely detailed view of the city of Amsterdam displays a panoramic view of the city below the main map accompanied by allegorical vignettes on each side representing Dutch trade made with merchants in all corners of the globe. A table reveals a key to the city with over 286 streets and fortifications including locations of of the warehouses for the Dutch East and West India Companies. Oriented with north toward the lower right.

Plan de la Ville de Londres et de Westminster avec Le Bourg de Soutwark Leurs Faubourgs et Leurs Environs . . . 1727 Danet, Guillaume, Paris, 1727

A reproduction of a hand colored copper plate engraving. Original size: 18-1/2 inches X 25 inches.

This extremely detailed view of the city of early 18th Century London shows Islington to Lambeth, and from Mile End to Hyde Park. To the left and right of the title is an explanation in French of London and its principal buildings. Below the plan are two inset views, one of Monument commemorating the Great Fire of London; and the other, St Mary-le-Bow church, at the time the second most important church in London, after St Paul's cathedral. Below the plan is a 123 item list of the most important streets, hospitals, churches, public buildings, and gateways referencing the map grid lines.


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